Things to do

Little Cayman is a place to unwind and relax. The tranquility offered on Little Cayman is a rare find. Even workaholics discover that they can relax on Little Cayman. It’s a nature lover’s paradise and is renowned in the scuba diving community as the best in the Caribbean. Bloody Bay Marine Park draws the majority of visitors to the island to dive but, increasingly, visitors also come to return to simpler times and enjoy the privacy, quiet and timeless beauty of the island’s unspoiled natural surroundings.

Rent a scooter
Little Cayman is the perfect place to ride a scooter, especially for beginners. There is zero traffic and the roads are flat and straight. The maximum speed limit is 25 mph and iguanas have the right of way. The island is just ten miles long and one mile wide so you could easily circle the island multiple times in a single day, but you will likely find yourself meandering and stopping to explore, snorkel, picnic, swim and photograph. For those who come primarily to dive, remember that renting a scooter is an option when you are looking for ways to spend your required non-dive period close to flying time.
Swim, Snorkel and Dive
Much of Little Cayman’s beauty lies beneath the water and you will not want to miss it. Each resort has their own dive centres with highly trained guides who have extensive knowledge about the features and benefits of each site to help you choose. But even if you don’t dive you can still enjoy the underwater splendor while swimming and snorkeling. Some of the favourite swim and snorkel spots on the island include: Point of Sand, Owen Island, Jackson’s Point, Mixing Bowl, and Preston Bay. Contact our friends at Little Cayman Divers for all your diving and snorkelling needs.
Get to know our beloved iguanas
The Little Cayman Rock Iguana (Cyclura nubile camanensis) is found solely on Little Cayman and Cayman Brac. It is a large lizard, grey-brown with black markings, has red eyes and a row of spines which run from the back of the head to the tip of the tail. The male is larger than the female and has substantial jaw muscles, giving it a very strong bite. They are, however, vegetarian, foraging for fruits, flowers and leaves. You will see them all over the island but in larger quantities on the East End near the lighthouse and in Mahogany Bay on the West End.
Check out our famous Red-Footed Boobies
Little Cayman’s Booby Pond is home to the Caribbean’s largest protected colony of 20,000 Red-Footed Boobies. They compete with about 350 magnificent frigate birds who attempt to “pirate” the daily catch of the boobies each evening as the boobies return to their nesting grounds after their daily quest for food. The National Trust’s bird outlook on Booby Pond is the best place to view and photograph the boobies, especially at sunset when you can witness the battle for survival as the boobies return to their nesting grounds and try to outwit the frigate birds.
Go Fish!
Little Cayman is perfect for skilled anglers who want to sample a variety of action. Year round, depending on weather conditions, anglers can catch bonefish weighing an average of 3-6 lbs., tarpon weighing up to 7–9 lbs. in the land-locked brackish pond and permit weighing up to 35 lbs. caught in the flats off the north and south coasts. Then head only a few minutes offshore for tuna, wahoo or marlin. Offshore for tuna, wahoo or marlin with our fishing partner Little Cayman Fishing Charters.
Kayak to Owen Island
Just off the south coast of Little Cayman is a tiny, uninhabited island, Owen Island. The pristine white sandy beach and crystal clear water offer spectacular photo opportunities and the solitude makes it the perfect spot for romantic picnics, swimming or sunbathing. Kayaks are available at most of the resorts.
Hop on a Bike
Most of the resorts offer free bicycles for their guests and it’s easy to hop on a bike to ride to the village store. The fit and adventurous may choose to ride around the entire island (22 miles) but if you attempt this feat bear in mind that there are still portions of the road that are unpaved and you will need to be equipped with plenty of fluids and sunscreen.
Take a Hike
For a rustic hike, try the Salt Rock Nature Trail where you will find a historic footpath with endemic and migrant land birds, iguana, butterflies, moths and tropical plants.
Watch the sun rise at Point of Sand
For amazing photo opportunities, wake early and drive to Point of Sand on the East End of the island to watch the sun rise and enjoy absolute solitude on an uninhabited, white, sandy beach. The island of Cayman Brac is also visible from Point of Sand.
Stop by The East End Rest Area
This quaint spot is the only source for ice cold drinks on the East End and it includes a picnic table, hammock and map of the island. What makes this rest area unique is that it is operates on an honour system. There is a cooler full of cold drinks and chips and you are asked to help yourself and drop the payment in a slot. It is nice to discover that there is a place left in the world where the honour system still works.
Watch the sun set
If your resort doesn’t provide a westward view of the sunset, take a ride over to Salt Rock Dock where there is a deep water harbour and an unobstructed view of the setting sun.
Visit the Little Cayman Museum and Marine Museum
These tiny, quaint, museums offer a fascinating overview of the island’s history and culture.
Do nothing
Few places in the world offer the quiet and tranquility that you’ll find on Little Cayman. Just swing in a hammock or read that book you’ve been meaning to read. Here’s your chance to do nothing. Take advantage of it.


  1. Little Cayman Beach Resort – 40 room resort
  2. The Club – 8 condos
  3. Paradise Villas – 12 oceanfront villas
  4. Southern Cross Club – 12 bungalows
  5. My Way Cottage – guesthouse
  6. Head O’Bay – guesthouse
  7. Little Cayman Cottage – guesthouse
  8. Blossom Cottage – historic, 100 year old cottage
  9. Sir Turtle Beach Villas – nautical style villas

Points of Interest

  1. Point of Sand – best beach on Little Cayman & view of Cayman Brac. Swim, snorkel, fish, snooze
  2. Home of "Scooter Guy" & The East End Rest Area (the only source for refreshments on the East End and it operates on the honor system - a unique and quaint stop while touring the island)
  3. Jackson's Point – shore dives and snorkeling
  4. Bloody Bay – shore dives and snorkeling, landbirds in a coastal forest
  5. Mule Pens – wall enclosure built in late 1800's
  6. Salt Rock Dock – deep water harbour and unobstructed view of the sunset
  7. Salt Rock Nature Trails - historic footpath with endemic and migrant landbirds, iguana, butterflies, moths and tropical plants
  8. Mahogany Bay –abundance of iguanas and landbirds in this forest
  9. Hungry Iguana Restaurant – local restaurant by the sea with good photo opportunities
  10. Blossom Village Community Park - Site of first Cayman settlement in 1660s, with shaded picnic tables and children’s play area.
  11. Village Square – grocery store, bank, shops.
  12. National Trust - Information Center, library, gifts, bird-viewing platforms and telescopes.
  13. Museums
  14. Owen Island – uninhabited, pristine island, great for swimming, shore fishing and a picnic