Frequently Asked Questions

1What is the minimum age requirement?
Drivers must be at least 25 years old and have a valid driver’s license.
2How hard is it to learn to drive a scooter if I’ve never done it before?
Little Cayman is the perfect place to learn to drive a scooter! There is zero traffic, the roads are flat and straight and the maximum speed limit is 25 mph. If you have driven an ATV, motorcycle or anything with the throttle on the handlebar, you can probably drive a scooter, provided that your legs are long enough to touch the ground when straddling the scooter and you are strong enough to hold it upright. Most people catch on quickly and have no trouble. We will give you instruction and then allow you to ride around a bit to see if you are comfortable before you commit to renting.
3Are helmets required?
Yes, Cayman Islands Traffic Law makes wearing a helmet mandatory, no exceptions.
4Can I rent for half a day?
Yes, you can but you would need to pick up and deliver the scooters to the rental office next to the airport. Free delivery and pickup are not available for ½ day rentals.
5What if I don’t have my driver’s license with me?
Sorry, the Cayman Islands Traffic Law forbids us from renting a scooter to you unless you can produce a valid driver’s license.
6Do I have to buy a Cayman driver’s license if I show a valid driver’s license from my home country?
No, as of May 2019, a Visitors Driving Permit is no longer required to rent a scooter. All you need is a valid drivers license from your home country.
7Will you rent to me if I have little or no experience driving a scooter?
It depends. We reserve the right not to rent to anyone who does not appear comfortable driving a scooter. We will ask you to drive around a bit to demonstrate that you are able. If we feel that you are at risk we may choose not to rent to you.
8Do you offer insurance?
We have third party insurance only, which means that if you damage someone else’s property you are covered. But any damage to the scooter or to yourself is at your own risk and your responsibility. We require a US$250 damage deposit at the time of rental and this amount will be refunded when you return the scooter undamaged.