Scooten Motors

"Established in 2007 by husband and wife team Bruce and Brenda Miller, Scooten! Scooters! rentals specializes in environmentally friendly, high quality, Yamaha scooters with C3 four-stroke engines that are exceptionally quiet and amazingly fuel efficient, reaching up to 116 miles per gallon of fuel. Tour the island at your own pace and discover the natural beauty of Little Cayman."

Watch the video and see for yourself how easy it is to drive a scooter on Little Cayman, where the unofficial motto is "No people, no problem!". Also, no traffic!

Our Yamaha scooters are exceptionally quiet and fuel efficient. They also have a large storage compartment under the seat, giving you plenty of space for your beach gear, camera and picnic supplies.


  • The most fun you can have getting up to 132 mpg!
  • Two level seating offers a relaxed seating position for driver and passenger.
  • Lots of locking storage under the seat.
  • Fuel injection for smooth, effortless power and immediate start.
  • Disc brakes provide serious stopping power.  
  • Total weight limit is 300 pounds.